Enjoy the amazing island of Cuba on an individual tour, beyond the beaten tracks. We show you stunning beaches, beautiful sunsets and secrets spots which only Cuban people know. The best places in private: With a rented car or motorbike as well as by plane we visit the most beautiful spots of Cuba with you.

  • each tour will be planned individually along your personal requests
  • including a medium-sized vehicle with air con
  • including lodging and breakfast
  • including driver, translator and local guide

On Che Guevara’s paths, while bathing in the Caribbean sea or hiking through the rain forest: Each tour will be planned along your personal requests. We travel with you the entire way and show you the most beautiful spots. Along the way there will be a german driver, a translater and a guide who has lived and worked in Cuba for more than 15 years.

You will enjoy our profound experience while you travel through a country with a moving history, vibrant towns and amazing Caribbean beaches. Get to know the Caribbean joy of life while sharing a cigar with your local guide who knows a lot about traditions and habits of the inhabitants of Cuba.